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Who were the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4)?

Could you help me understand the style(s) or form(s) of the literature of the book of Leviticus (sometimes called the genre), especially in relation to similar ancient Near Eastern (ANE) literature?

How Important is the Old Testament to the Book of Revelation?

What Old Testament Prophet Can Help Us Understand Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven and His Giving of the Spirit at Pentecost Ten Days Later?

Worshiping with Abraham: New Amorite Texts Describe the Religion of the World of Abraham and Sarah

What does the Bible, and especially the Old Testament, have to say about same-sex marriage relationships?

What Purpose do Elijah and Elisha Serve in the Books of 1 and 2 Kings?

When did the divine name, YHWH (perhaps pronounced as Yahweh) cease to be pronounced?

Book Review: The Epic of Eden

What relationship does the Serpent in Genesis 3 have to Satan?

Who is the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52:13 – 52:12?

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