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Rick is the Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Denver Seminary. Having studied at both Jewish and Christian seminaries, he earned a PhD from Hebrew Union College, an MDiv and a ThM from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a BA from Wheaton College.  He has completed postdoctoral studies and research in Chicago, Jerusalem, Cambridge, Münster, and Sheffield; and taught in Glasgow and London before moving to Denver.

Rick and his wife Jean have two sons and a daughter who are all married.  They have been blessed with an extended family of eight grandchildren. Two families live in the Denver area, while the middle child and his family live in Cedar Springs, MI, where he is a worship pastor. Jean and Rick are ordained in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and co-pastor 316, a Celtic Christian church in the Denver area. Besides spending time with their children and grandchildren, they enjoy walking and playing with their Wheaten Terrier, O’Malley.

Rick has preached and taught at a variety of churches and universities in America, Great Britain, Korea, China, Israel, and India, to name a few.

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Dr. Hess is a member of the New International Version’s Committee on Bible Translation, and was an editor for the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible. He is editor of the Denver Journal, and formerly the editor of the Bulletin for Biblical Research. He’s authored a dozen books, including commentaries and studies on Genesis, Leviticus, Joshua, and the Song of Solomon. He also co-edits the Septuagint Commentary Series. Rick has worked as a translator for the New American Bible, the Holman Standard Christian Bible,  the English Standard Version, and The Common English Bible translations of the Old Testament. Rick has edited about 70 academic books on various biblical topics and has published well over 100 scholarly and peer-reviewed papers on the Bible, as well as hundreds of reviews and commissioned dictionary articles.

Having completed his massive The Old Testament: A Historical, Critical, and Theological Introduction, Rick is currently working on commentaries of Genesis (popular) and Kings (academic), as well as research papers on the study of ancient Near Eastern texts related to the Old Testament.

Additional research interests include Old Testament exegesis and theology, Hebrew and ancient Near Eastern languages, biblical archaeology, and topics such as the transcendent value of human life and healing in biblical times. Dr. Hess is consultant to the postdoctoral research project on Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Onomastics, Tyndale House, Cambridge, England. He also serves on the Evangelical Theological Society’s Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Archaeology Planning Committee and on the Exploring the Composition of the Pentateuch Group.

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