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Old Testament Questions from the desk of Dr. Richard S. Hess


Dr. Hess loves to answer questions… especially about the Old Testament!

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Video Series: Worshiping with Abraham

In a five-part videos series, new Amorite texts provide a better understanding of the religious world that Abraham and Sarah lived in. Join Dr. Hess and Tyler Peterson as they explore the details. This series includes five videos and the notes from Dr. Hess’ PowerPoint presentation, which you can download.

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Revive Your Spirit is an ongoing video series dealing with the role of the Holy Spirit as represented in Genesis 1, Genesis 8, and Acts 2 and the Book of Joshua.

Here, we see the most extended confession of faith by a woman in the bible, and we meet the “Joshua of the Canaanites,” Rahab who will bring salvation to her household by her risky and great acts and confession of faith in the God of Israel!
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